There are many sources that state the Ebola Virus cannot be transmitted via water or food. Nonetheless, the potential of water contamination and concern remains in the minds of many.

Black Berkey® purification elements have been tested to remove both pathogenic bacteria and viruses to greater than the EPA purification standards. While we have not tested specifically for Ebola or the Filovirus, we have tested two microbes of significantly smaller size. In both cases these microbes were removed from the water. This suggests that larger viruses, such as Ebola, should also be effectively removed. However, without test data on that specific microbe, NMCL does not make that specific claim.

If you believe it is prudent to protect your drinking water against possible contamination of the Ebola virus, NMCL recommends that the best method to consider would be one that includes redundancy. It is widely believed that chlorinated bleach can kill the Ebola Virus. Therefore, we would suggest that you add 16 drops of chlorinated bleach per gallon of water (about 1/2 tablespoon). The bleach will kill the Ebola virus. Next, purify the chlorine treated water through your Berkey® system, which will purify the water and remove the chlorinated bleach. Finally, NMCL always highly recommends that you use the cleanest source water available, whenever possible.

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for more information about disinfecting your drinking water.