It is possible for algae to grow in the Berkey Light® because of two factors. The first is that Berkey® systems are removing any chemicals that would inhibit the growth of algae. The second is light. If the Base LED is left on constantly, it can promote the algae growth. This situation can also occur if the Berkey® system is put next to or near a sunny window where it receives direct sunlight.

This can be avoided by moving the system or not using the LED lights as much. Another resolution that our customers have reported as working very well is to simply place a pure silver coin, such as an American Eagle (99.999% pure silver) into the lower chamber. Silver is a natural anti-microbial and will inhibit the growth of algae. While we would not know the exact type of algae that is growing, most blue-green algae’s are healthful food sources. We suggest Googling spirulina for more information about blue-green algae being healthful.