Berkey Light® water filtration systems have undergone many changes, as new tooling is required after a certain number of molded parts are made. Not all of the molds are the same, and therefore not all of the upper and lower system chambers are interchangeable. The most recent molds for the Berkey Light® system were changed around 2019, and all parts we have in stock for the Berkey Light® system are from this mold design.

If you have a Berkey Light® system that is older than the year 2019 and are looking to purchase a replacement chamber, we recommend that customers purchase a new system or an empty upper chamber and a lower chamber (if available) plus a new standard spigot in order for the system to fit together and perform as intended.

Assuring that new parts fit older systems produced before 2019 is not covered by NMCL’s warranty. Therefore, customers trying to match up new parts to old parts on Berkey Light® systems do so at their own risk. Refunds, returns or exchanges are at the discretion of the Authorized Berkey® Dealer from which the customer purchased their system, not NMCL.